Aqua Dude (real name unknown) was to be the villian in season 3 after Quest banishes his family after claiming his kingdom in the final episode of season 2. Aqua Dude along with Dean The Smith were to become friends in the first episode of season 3 in which they both share characteristics of racism towards the high elves to which they call "N'wahs" 


Aqua Dude was to have a very racist stance on others and often called the high elves "N'wahs" and the low elves "skrubnubs". This traits made him an instant ally to the traitor Dean The Smith who betrays quest in the final episode of season 2, revealing that he is a sad, mean bigot and attempts to assault Quest. Aqua Dude took notice of these actions and employed Dean Smith to fight for the "The next great Aqua man empire"  

Possible Death 

It is unknown exactly how Aqua Dude died however recently it has been hinted that Dean Smith strangled him to death with his own intestines while sleep walking whilst high on H2o. 


Aqua Dude was concepted to be a blue man with a pale patato face, however due to the cancelation of the show no offical footage of him exists.