Deceit is one of the main antagonists. She is a sorceress like Anna, but appears to have a better knowledge of spells. The two also seem to have a significant conflict. Deceit slightly resembles a gorgon (even though there is only one snake and her eyes don't turn people to stone). She has no legs, which both Ogun and Spite have pointed out on more than one occasion, calling her "legless one". Deceit usually works with Lord Spite and Ogun, although once she has attempted to work with the guardian of the shattersoul sword and the katastrophe brothers (although khaos frequently mentions their loyalty to spite). Deceit is 10,000 years old. Although she has a better grasp of spells than Anna does, she actually appears to be jealous of how powerful Anna has become in later episodes. Even though she is only a lackey for Spite when she does work with him, she is much smarter than he is. In addition, she is quite successful working on her own, despite being finally defeated.