Prince Nestor is the crown prince of Odyssia. He is reckless and tends to act like a hero, even though he is not very good and often is saved by Quest.

Nestor is rather narcissistic and selfish. Quest tends to abuse him in various sorts of ways. They do have a slight friendship. Nestor's parents are King Panning and Queen Chraine.

Running gags: These are some some moments in the world of Quest involving Nestor.

1. Nestor getting abused by Quest.

2. Nestor getting covered in something gross.

3. Nestor used as a weapon for Quest.

Trivia Edit

Prince Nestor in briefs

Prince Nestor is ashamed to show the group he is wearing briefs.

  • In Robin Hood of Odyssia, Prince Nestor is ashamed to show the group he is wearing briefs. He was worried he would get wedgied.

Nestor's Boxer Shorts Edit

In one episode, Nestor's birthday came up. Everyone remembered how embarrassed Nestor was that he wore briefs. They all chipped in and bought his first pair of boxer shorts for his birthday present. When Nestor opened his present he was pretty glad. He quickly ditched his briefs, eagerly wore the boxer shorts, and happily showed his friends how much he loved their thoughtful gift.

Prince Nestor Boxers Front

Nestor smiling that he is enjoying his first pair of boxer shorts.

Prince Nestor Boxers Back

Nestor's friends were happy that Nestor enjoyed his first pair of boxer shorts as his birthday gift.

Gallery of running gags Edit